diveinD | Dario Tortorelli

AFTER NEARLY LAND(e)SCAPING premiering in Rotterdamse Lente 29th of March (Playlist)


choreography and concept Dario Tortorelli

Performed by the dancers of Conny Janssen Danst 

photos by Daniella de Haan

AFTER NEARLY LAND(e)SCAPING will tour nationwide in the Netherlands with ROTTERDAMSE LENTE from march till April 2014. Cities: Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Woerden, Arnhem and Utrecht

see the tour list on this page at MyCalendar or go to this link: http://www.connyjanssendanst.nl/Voorstellingen/Verwacht/


She turns around, puts her sunglasses on.

She walks carefully.

Her hands are reaching forward leaving the darkness behind.

A presence is following.

We are stealing time for something fearful to happen.

From the series of studies for ‘ROMEO HEART’, this piece unravels a new chapter of the choreographer’s vision. Dario describes this work to be nearly a dance piece, nearly a theatre piece, a movie scene or an installation; the combination of all married with a strong sense of aesthetics.

-Concept and choreography: Dario Tortorelli

-Performed by: Adi Amit, Davide Bellotta, Francesco Curci, Christiaan De Donder, Stein Fluijt, Mariko Shimoda, Yannick Pepijn Wagenaar

-Music in collaboration with: Davide Bellotta

-Light design in collaboration with: Remko Van Wely

-Costume and set design: Dario Tortorelli

(premiere 21st of June 2013, Danslokaal 1, Rotterdam)

more info @ http://www.connyjanssendanst.nl/Voorstellingen


photo by Martijn Kappers 

Conny Janssen Danst provides opportunities for young talent through DANSLOKAAL, the new talent development project, where young artists are invited to develop new work together with the dancers of Conny Janssen Danst.

The contributors to DANSLOKAAL 1 are Francesco Curci, Loïc Perela and Dario Tortorelli. Wondering what the results of this collaboration look like? Come and find out during one of the eight performance nights in the studio of Conny Janssen Danst.

I spy a boy


"All the actions and movements that we make, in life or on stage, are there for a reason that goes beyond the simple meaning of what we directly see. Reality remains real when we can concretely perceive it. Fantasy stays part of the imagination. Theatre brings everything together"

- diveinD | DarioTortorelli